The CGI magic of Game of Thrones fiery finale revealed

first_img More than 300 artists worked on various CGI aspects of the show, including ships, castles and huge bloodthirsty battles. The dragon team alone consisted of almost 40 artists.This last season of Game of Thrones had a lot of close-ups of Daenerys’ dragon Drogon. Martin and the team worked hard to make sure Drogon showed emotion through facial expressions during so many moving moments, especially the shocking climactic’s expression was a critical element of this scene. HBO “It was important to not over-animate the dragon or to humanize him too much,” Martin told me. “Drogon should always be a lizard, still stay the animal. Our guideline was how we see our own pets — we can read their emotions even though they can’t talk and have a different physiognomy. We had to tread a fine line.”Having worked on Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hunger Games, Martin has won two Emmys for his work on Thrones. As well as designing dragons and building the Iron Throne itself, his team were also responsible for building a mighty armada of menacing shot sails by entirely in CGI. HBO “As VFX artists, we love to start with something real like a filmed background plate, which we will enhance or augment or build on top of,” Martin said. “In this case the establishing shot was full CGI, but needed to match the set ship we see in the following shots. To avoid any guessing, we started by collecting as many real references as possible. We selected photos with a similar light situation, sails and rigging, as well as a similar framing and references for ocean and white water.”The hull of each ship was animated by digital artists, while the sails and water were created by special simulation software using algorithms to mimic the movement of real surfaces. “The sails and rigging react to the ship’s movement in relationship to the wind blowing,” Martin added. “The ocean is a fluid simulation with waves and white water created by the hull slicing through.”The Iron Throne goes up in flames. HBO Since this was the finale of Game of Thrones, Martin hopes fans paid close attention to Daenerys’ reaction upon finally seeing the Iron Throne. Pixomondo worked on Daenerys’ dream sequence in season 2, which foreshadowed her entering the throne room as snow fell around her. “So now, several years later, we could do the actual moment happening with lots of recognizable shots,” said Martin.Eagle-eyed viewers may spot a few differences between seasons 2 and 8, however. “The ceiling structure has changed a lot,” said Martin, “as the throne room got redesigned for the best visual impact on the sequence.”Needless to say, working on the powerful ending to Game of Thrones gave Martin quite a few memorable moments. VFX vendors like Pixomondo generally work in their offices rather than on set, but the show’s overall VFX producer Steve Kullback and VFX supervisor Joe Bauer invited Martin to the set for the end sequence. “That was special,” Martin said. “Having spent so much time upfront with this scene, seeing it all come together on the soundstage was a very rewarding moment. After eight years of raising the dragons and having had all these adventures with them and Dany, we could finally help to finish her journey.” 187 Photos 3:38 1 Comment Now playing: Watch this: Game of Thrones season 8 VFX breakdown Game of Thrones HBO Filmmakers See all the Game of Thrones season 8 photos Tags The Game of Thrones series finale was a fiery CGI masterpiece.  HBO The ending of Game of Thrones ignited a firestorm of controversy among fans. But whatever you thought about the story, it’s fair to say the final season of HBO’s smash hit fantasy series was pretty spectacular. We took a look at how the unforgettable final scenes were conjured through the artistry of cutting-edge computer-generated imagery.Caution: spoilers ahead! game-of-thrones-spoilersIn the aftermath of one of the bloodiest battles ever seen in the show, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) faced her lover Jon Snow (Kit Harington) — who in turn found himself facing Drogon, a very angry dragon.In a new Game of Thrones season 8 VFX breakdown reel from effects company Pixomondo, fans can see how CGI brought these gutwrenching moments to life. You can watch the video below, while to find out more, we talked exclusively to the company’s award-winning visual effects supervisor Sven Martin. TV and Movies Share your voicelast_img read more

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SEBI Asks PACL to Refund ₹49000 Crore and Stop Raising Money from

first_imgThe Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has ordered Pearl Agrotech Corp Ltd (PACL) to refund ₹49,000 crore to the investors along with a three-month interest, and has also asked the company to stop raising money from them.This step is the biggest crackdown on a large scale unlawful scheme after the Saradha Scam and is over twice the size of Sahara’s illicit scam.PACL is said to have collected money from depositors and invested in agricultural land across the country. SEBI said that the total number of PACL investors would be 5.85 crore, and that it would file a complaint with the state government or local police to register a criminal case against PACL, reported Economic Times.”Total amount mobilised comes to a whooping (sic) Rs 49,100 crore. This figure could have been even more if PACL would have provided details of funds mobilised during April 1, 2012 to February 25, 2013. The collection of such huge funds suggests that PACL has many more customers than the stated 1.22 crore,” ET quoted SEBI’s statement.In February this year, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered a case against the promoter of PACL and its subsidiary firm PGF limited, after which the agency conducting an inquiry, as directed by the Supreme Court, into allegations of collection of huge deposits from the public, reported Business Standard.The company claimed to have paid a commission of ₹7893.8 crore up to March 2012. It said that the firm had 5.8 crore customers, which is more than twice the 2.2 crore demat accounts in India.”It is difficult to believe a person in Uttar Pradesh will purchase 100-150 yards of agricultural land 2,000 km away. The lack of maintenance of proper records/data is a clear indication the activities of PACL are in the nature of a Ponzi scheme,” the court said.According to Court’s order, not a single person has received land even after eight years. The company operated through a network of 250 associate companies to avoid state laws on land ownership.Timeline:Mar 4, 1998: SEBI writes to PACL about its schemesMar 23, 1998: PACL replies to the SEBI order, challenges its jurisdictionMay 26, 1999: Delhi High Court directs SEBI to appoint auditors for ascertaining the genuineness of PACL’s transactionsFeb 22, 2000: Report highlights deficienciesNov 16, 2000: Delhi High Court appoints K Swamidurai to verify transactionsJun 24, 2002: SEBI passes order, saying PACL schemes fall under CISNov 28, 2003: High court of judicature for Rajasthan, Jaipur, says PACL schemes not CISFeb 26, 2013: Supreme Court sets aside high court orderAug 22, 2014: SEBI passes order asking company to refund Rs 49,100 crore and asked to stop raising money from investors.last_img read more

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Bidders line up for Indias first airport mall

first_imgLeading property developers have entered the fray to build India’s first airport mall. The mall, which would come up at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi is expected to be built with a budget of Rs. 600 crore.The five companies that have qualified are DLF, Bharti Land, Phoenix Mills, K Raheja Corp and Xander Group. The mall will be spread across an area of 2 million sq. ft and would cater to passengers as well as Delhi and Gurgaon residents, who live in the surrounding areas, Mint reported.The companies are required to submit detailed bids by May.”The proposed integrated retail development is going through bidding process as per and in accordance with statutory requirements/provisions of OMDA (Operations, Management and Development Agreement) and with approval of the DIAL board,” a Delhi airport spokesperson was quoted as saying by the publication.The spokesperson further added that a request for qualification (RFQ), which helps shortlist firms qualified to build a project for retail developments, was reportedly issued on Nov. 5, 2015.”India doesn’t have the mall of this scale yet. When one builds mall of such a scale, it usually becomes a destination for people from all over. The size is such that it can accommodate everyone, so retailers do not want to miss out,” Ashutosh Limaye, research head of property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle’s India unit, was quoted as saying by Mint.Last month, the Delhi International Airport Limited or DIAL had submitted aviation secretary RN Choubey plans of expanding the infrastructure of IGI airport and constructing a fourth runway, which if approved, would be completed by 2020. DIAL is a joint venture company collectively owned by the GMR group, Airport Authority of India and Fraport that operates the IGI airport. The Delhi airport is India’s largest airport in terms of passenger traffic and is the base for Air India, Indigo and Vistara airlines.[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]last_img read more

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Rohingya repatriation wont begin Tuesday

first_imgRohingya refugee. Photo: Syful-IslamThe repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar due to begin Tuesday will be delayed, a Bangladesh official said, citing the huge task of preparing transit centres and approving lists of returnees.Bangladesh’s Refugee Relief and Repatriation commissioner Abul Kalam Azad did not give a revised starting date for plans by his country and Myanmar to repatriate some 750,000 refugees who fled unrest and a military crackdown in Rakhine state.”We have not made the preparations required to send back people from tomorrow. A lot of preparation is still needed,” Azad on Monday.A “rigorous process” was required before repatriation could begin, including building transit centres and compiling a list of potential returnees for verification by Myanmar, he said.Two sites near the border had been identified by authorities for possible transit sites where refugees would be housed before handed over to Myanmar, Azad said.”Without completing this, we cannot send these people back all of a sudden. This work is ongoing,” he said.The repatriation process is expected to take two years.Rights groups and the UN have said any repatriation of the Rohingya, who face desperate conditions in overcrowded camps near the countries’ shared border, must be voluntary.Refugees have protested against the prospect of return, with many describing atrocities including murder, rape and arson attacks on their homes.Concerns have also been raised about conditions in Myanmar, where many Rohingya settlements have been burned to the ground by soldiers and Buddhist mobs.Bangladesh has sought to assure the international community that the operation would involve the UN’s refugee agency.last_img read more

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Pinkathon 2016 – A running affair

first_imgPinkathon, an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women and issues like breast cancer, successfully concluded their fourth edition yesterday at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, in the national Capital. Pinkathon is a unique initiative that encourages women to incorporate a fitness programme into their daily lives by promoting simple activities like walking and running. Running addresses most of the top ten ways to help prevent breast cancer; it not only promotes well-being but also raises immunity levels thereby improving health to help fight diseases like cancer. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMore than 9,000 women across age groups and from all different segments of the society participated enthusiastically in the V wash Plus 3 km, Mia by Tanishq 5 km, Sofit Soya Milk  10 km and UN’s He for She 21 km categories. Flagging off the run was super-model, actor, fitness enthusiast avid barefoot runner and Pinkathon founder, Milind Soman along with prominent women personalities like RJ Heena from RED FM who expressed their wholehearted supported for the noble cause. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveRunning in its fourth edition, the event garnered support from eminent personalities.  Some of the noteworthy participants in the run were a group of 30 visually impaired girls and 48 hearing impaired girls. Additionally the run witnessed a squad of cancer survivors and 10 baby wearing mothers carrying babies just a few months old. The run had participants as young as four months and as old as 84 years.Commenting on the success of Pinkathon Delhi, Milind Soman said, “Pinkathon is more than a marathon. It is the seed of change. It is the beginning of a movement carried forward by a growing community of empowered women across India, who share a belief that a healthy family, a healthy nation and a healthy world begins with empowered women. The first step in empowerment is taking control of your own health, respecting yourself and understanding and celebrating the values you bring to your family and society. Empowerment is not a gift from the society; it is a gift you give yourself. We are delighted to have such a diverse crowd right from young school students and housewives, to cancer survivors, underprivileged and visually impaired girls participating in Pinkathon.”Reema Sanghavi, co-founder of Pinkathon said, “Pinkathon is close to my heart. I am passionate about this noble cause of health & fitness for all women. Pinkathon will be organized in 8 cities in India in 2016. I am simply overwhelmed with tremendous response in Bangalore and this will certainly motivate us to do much more going forward.”last_img read more

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Ahead of EUs vote on new copyright rules EFF releases 5 key

first_imgThe Electronic frontier foundation is taking part in copyright week. Their motto, “Copyright should encourage more speech, not act as a legal cudgel to silence it.” According to EFF, copyright law often belongs in a majority to the media and entertainment industries, with little to no effect on other domains. Following this, EFF has teamed with other organizations to participate in Copyright Week. They talk about five copyright issues which can help build a set of principles for the copyright law. Participating organizations for this year include Association of research libraries, Authors Alliance, Copyright for creativity, Disco, Ifixit, Rstreet, Techdirt, and Wikimedia. For the year 2019, they have highlighted five issues and the whole week they will be releasing blog posts and actions on these issues on their blog and on Twitter. EFF’s copyright issues for this year: Copyright as a Tool of Censorship Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right essential to a functioning democracy. Copyright should encourage more speech, not act as a legal cudgel to silence it. Device and Digital Ownership As the things we buy increasingly exist either in digital form or as devices with software, we also find ourselves subject to onerous licensing agreements and technological restrictions. If you buy something, you should be able to truly own it–meaning you can learn how it works, repair it, remove unwanted features, or tinker with it to make it work in a new way. Public Domain and Creativity Copyright policy should encourage creativity, not hamper it. Excessive copyright terms inhibit our ability to comment, criticize, and rework our common culture. Safe Harbors Safe harbor protections allow online intermediaries to foster public discourse and creativity. Safe harbor status should be easy for intermediaries of all sizes to attain and maintain. Filters Whether as a result of corporate pressure or regulation, over-reliance on automated filters to patrol copyright infringement presents a danger to free expression on the Internet. This month EU is all set to vote on new copyright rules. These new copyright laws have received major opposition from Europeans. Per EFF, the Articles 11 and 13, also known as the “censorship machines” rule and the “link tax” rule, have the power to crush small European tech startups and expose half a billion Europeans to mass, unaccountable algorithmic censorship. Per the Article 13 of the law, online platforms would be required to use algorithmic filters to unilaterally determine whether content anyone uploads, from social media posts to videos, infringes copyright, and would penalize companies that allow a user to infringe copyright, but not companies that overblock and censor their users. The outcome will be censorship of massive proportions. The Directive is now in the hands of the European member-states. EFF urges people from Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland to contact their ministers to convey their concern about Article 13 and 11. Read Next Reddit takes stands against the EU copyright directives; greets EU redditors with ‘warning box’ GitHub updates developers and policymakers on EU copyright Directive at Brussels What the EU Copyright Directive means for developers – and what you can dolast_img read more

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Fishermen protest as lawmakers flipflop on shrimp trawling

first_imgMore than 600 fishermen and environmentalists united Thursday morning to protest a bill that would reinstate shrimp trawling in Costa Rican waters. Shouting the rhyme,“Pesca arrastre es un desastre,” the group of several hundred wound their way around the San José city block where the Legislative Assembly is located.“This is to protest 50 years of industrial boats killing everything in the ocean and leaving us artisanal fishermen with nothing,” Francisco Hernández, a fisherman from Puntarenas, told The Tico Times.The protest is the latest in an ongoing battle over the fishing practice’s legality in Costa Rican waters, which has been contested since the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) declared trawling unconstitutional last August. The court’s ruling banned the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca) from renewing or issuing new shrimp trawling licenses, but allowed boats with active licenses to continue operating until their licenses expire. Fishermen and environmentalists gather outside the Legislative Assembly Thursday to protest shrimp trawling. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesBut celebrations from environmentalists and artisan fishermen who opposed the practice were short-lived. The same day, Rodolfo Sotomayor, a lawmaker from the Pacific coastal province of Puntarenas, presented a bill to make trawling legal again. The bill hinges on the wording of the Sala IV ruling that said the practice was illegal because it was unsustainable. The bill’s supporters claim that through regulation they can make trawling sustainable.“We can regulate it without getting rid of it,” Luis Dobles, the executive president of Incopesca and a supporter of the bill, told The Tico Times. “The problem right now is that there isn’t much regulation, but we can fix that.”The draft of the bill was approved by a special committee in the Legislative Assembly three weeks ago and could go to the floor for debate any day.If passed, Incopesca would be able to renew 39 trawling licenses that are currently active when they expire, but they could not issue new licenses. The five boat captains whose licenses have expired following the ban would also be ineligible for renewal. According to the Spanish-language daily La Nación, approximately 60 people lost jobs after the first licenses expired, causing groups of shrimp trawlers to protest in Puntarenas last month.Román Chavarría, a representative for the shrimp trawlers, told La Nación in February:“There is an effect that the justices who approved [the ban] forgot, and that is the damage they are doing to business owners and workers in the [shrimping] sector.”Sotomayor and his supporters say the bill would save jobs that have not already been lost. Opponents claim continuing trawling will hurt the fishing industry more than it will help it, and that preserving jobs is just an excuse for Incopesca – a long-time supporter of industrial fishing – to maintain the practice.“This bill is just a trick designed to create false expectations and take advantage of the needs of shrimp trawling families,” said lawmaker Jorge Gamboa, the only legislator who opposed the bill in commission. “The bill does not resolve a single problem, it just authorizes shrimp trawling in order to authorize shrimp trawling.” Protesters gathered in fake fishing nets to protest shrimp trawling. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesEnvironmental groups also say the new bill does not meet the scientific requirements to show that it would make trawling sustainable. The only new restrictions on trawling would be the required use of fish excluder devices to limit bycatch. According to MarViva, the ocean conservation group leading the charge against trawling in the country, these devices have never been studied in Costa Rica.The lack of scientific evidence has led many lawmakers to oppose the bill, including former presidential candidate José María Villalta  of the Broad Front Party, who attended Thursday’s protest.“A small group is benefiting from these licenses. They are taking everything from the ocean and not leaving room for others,” Villalta said in a speech at the protest. “They are killing our countries riches and we are not going to allow our children and grandchildren to pay the price for this.”Even if the bill is shot down, it will still be another five years before the last active license expires. According to environmental groups, no real fishery recuperation can be done until that time.“We as environmentalists have made alliances with artisanal fishermen who want to fish sustainably and to protect threatened species,” said Randall Arauz, president of the conservation group Pretoma, “but we can’t develop those types of programs now because a shrimping boat will come along and destroy something fishermen have worked on for months all in one day.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rica Ombudsman’s Office pushes for better marine conservation President Chinchilla pushes for elimination of Incopesca’s board of directors Tuna company, fishermen and environmental groups squabble over unpublished fishing decree Fight over shrimp trawling continues in legislaturelast_img read more

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Georgian opposition claims repression

first_img 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Ivanishvili also had Russian citizenship from living in Russia during the 1990s, but he renounced that when he launched his campaign.The authorities have accused Ivanishvili of buying votes by handing out free satellite TV dishes and offering cars to his party and other campaign funding violations, and fined him tens of millions of dollars.A top Ivanishvili ally, retired football star Kakhi Kaladze, has had his bank accounts frozen due to suspected money laundering. On Friday, the Tbilisi City Court ruled that Kaladze’s contributions to Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream were illegal and ordered him to pay a fine of more than $10 million within a week, but kept his accounts blocked.Meanwhile, Ivanishvili’s activists complain that local officials seek to prevent them from campaigning and meeting voters across Georgia.“By pulling out all the stops to block a legitimate political rival, Saakashvili has to some extent damaged his democratic credentials,” said Gemma Ferst, a Caucasus analyst with the Eurasia Group, a New-York based political risk consultancy.Nodar Chachua, a journalist at a TV channel funded by Ivanishvili charges that security officials have demanded he spy and inform on his colleagues and on Ivanishvili _ and threatened to release an old video of him having sex with an ex-girlfriend if he refused. Saakashvili boasts that Georgia has become a “beacon of democracy” since he took office in 2004. But critics charge that democracy is dimming: Opposition leaders, watchdogs and journalists complain of official intimidation and accuse the government of resorting to Soviet methods of clamping down on dissent.The small, but strategically located South Caucasus nation is the West’s most loyal ally in a troubled region. The United States has indicated it will be closely monitoring the Oct. 1 parliamentary election and the state of democracy there.Ahead of the vote, Bidzina Ivanishvili, the multibillionaire who leads the largest opposition grouping, has been hit with gargantuan fines and stripped of his citizenship. The global watchdog Amnesty International last month urged the government to “stop violence against (the) opposition ahead of elections.” In February, UN special rapporteur Maina Kiai voiced alarm over an “increasing climate of fear and intimidation against opposition parties, labor unions and members of non-governmental organizations.”There’s no doubt that the energetic, U.S.-educated Saakashvili has driven impressive reforms since leading the peaceful Rose Revolution demonstrations in 2003 that drove out a sclerotic and corrupt regime. The traffic police once infamous for extorting bribes from motorists have been transformed into a respected force. Formerly suffocating bureaucracy has been streamlined by establishing offices where citizens can obtain birth certificates or register businesses in a matter of minutes. 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Comments   Share   Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates The Saakashvili camp also portrays Ivanishvili as a Kremlin stooge, pointing to Russia as the source of his wealth. “In today’s Russia, these kinds of things do not happen without close affiliation with … the Kremlin,” said Bokeria. Ivanishvili denies those allegations.Aslan Chanidze, who runs a media freedom NGO in Batumi, said that Ivanishvili may have his own faults, but his entry into politics will make the election and Georgian politics as a whole more competitive.“When Misha came to power, everybody fell in love with him, but in Georgia, you must understand that you cannot make an idol of one person,” Chanidze said, using Saakashvili’s nickname. “I don’t want there to be just one party, I want there to be many parties, I want pluralism.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Associated PressBATUMI, Georgia (AP) – Wherever she goes, journalist Ekaterine Dugladze is followed by a group of men carrying video cameras. Saying they’re reporters, they shove microphones into her face and pester her with meaningless questions and vulgar remarks.Dugladze, who works for an opposition-funded news agency, claims they’re henchman of President Mikhail Saakashvili sent to harass her.“They prevent me not only from working, but even from moving around,” said Dugladze. “This is the authorities’ way of responding to the questions we ask them.” Sponsored Stories “This is not a democracy, these are typical Soviet methods of dealing with society,” said Chachua, 26, who works for Channel 9, owned by Ivanishvili’s wife. Prosecutors are investigating his claims.Giga Bokeria, head of Georgia’s security council and a top ally of Saakashvili, dismisses allegations that freedom of speech is under threat, saying that the government in fact tolerates a raucous, anything-goes press environment. He would not comment on Chachua’s allegations until the end of the probe.Georgian media are “very active, very critical, and sometimes there is an aggressive message toward the current government, which is again completely legitimate and legal,” Bokeria told AP.The security chief cited a recently enacted law that increases Georgians’ access to television networks critical of the government for the next two months ahead of the election as evidence of the government’s commitment to freedom of speech.Bokeria said the men trailing Dugladze, the journalist, are rival reporters who are copying the opposition network’s aggressive methods.“This was a new tactic established by Info 9 itself and then the reaction came which (mimics) their behavior toward local public officials,” Bokeria said. “We have no authority over how media outlets on either side of the political spectrum behave.” The 56-year-old Ivanishvili, whose party is called Georgian Dream, made most of his estimated $6.4 billion fortune in the Russian banking and mining industries and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on charity projects in Georgia.Ivanishvili’s entry into politics has energized and united Georgia’s notoriously fragmented opposition and he has emerged as Saakashvili’s main opponent.Saakashvili’s party remains Georgia’s most popular but Georgian Dream is gaining ground. A June opinion survey by U.S.-based National Democratic Institute suggested that Saakashvili’s United National Movement leads the polls with 36 percent support, down from to 47 percent in February, while Georgian Dream has 18 percent, up from 10 percent.“I’ve taken the mask off his face: he is not a democrat, he is a pure dictator,” Ivanishvili told The Associated Press in an interview at his residence outside the Black Sea resort city of Batumi. “It doesn’t even smell of democracy here.”Ever since Ivanishvili announced his political ambitions, he has faced an array of legal actions against him.The government stripped Ivanishvili of his Georgian passport last year because, while Georgian from birth, he also holds a French passport from years living in France _ and Georgia prohibits dual nationality. That effectively banned Ivanishvili from the race. But Saakashvili relented under Western pressure and pushed through a law allowing EU citizens to run for office. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories Saakashvili has rooted out corruption in the education system by introducing standardized university admission exams, ending the notorious practice of parents bribing university officials to get their children accepted. Georgia now ranks 64th on the Corruption Perception Index compiled by Transparency International watchdog, compared to 130th in 2005.The president has also assiduously pursued closer relations with the European Union and NATO and Georgia has contributed sizable troop contingents to the international military campaign in Afghanistan.“Saakashvili’s best legacy will be as Georgia’s great modernizer,” said Thomas de Waal, a Caucasus scholar at Carnegie Endowment.But critics say that Saakashvili’s reforms came at the expense of democratic freedoms.In 2007, police used tear gas to break up demonstrations calling for his ouster and temporarily banned newscasts by independent television stations. Saakashvili’s popularity also soured after the devastating five-day war with Russia in 2008, which damaged the impoverished nation’s infrastructure, turned tens of thousands of people into refugees and tightened Russia’s grip on two separatist regions. Last year, police violently dispersed protesters who had occupied the capital’s main avenue for days. A policeman and a demonstrator died after being hit by a car speeding from the scene.last_img read more

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Afghan officials Foreign fighters involved in Kunduz attack

first_img 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes The battle in Kunduz began April 24. Thousands of army reinforcements have been deployed to the city. Officials had feared in the days following the attack that Kunduz could fall to the Taliban.Provincial Gov. Mohammad Omer Safi said the bodies of 18 foreigners had been retrieved from the battlefield, found to be from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Chechnya.Safi said the foreign fighters provided technical and financial support to the Taliban fighters who he believed were fresh graduates from madrassas in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan with little battlefield experience.“Our forces have seen well-dressed forces with covered faces. We can’t ignore the presence of Daesh here, but we also heard that there were differences among insurgents themselves,” said provincial police chief Gen. Abdul Sabor Nasrati, using an Arabic acronym from the Islamic State group.At least 100,000 people have fled their homes around Kunduz amid the assault, said Mans Nyberg, a spokesman for the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Refugees in Kabul.The Taliban’s spring offensive has seen the militants take their anti-government fight to most regions of the country, with eastern areas near the Pakistan border, like Paktia province. On Thursday, gunmen there killed a police officer and a civilian at a cricket match and kidnapped 36 people, said Gen. Zelmai Oryakhail, the province’s police chief. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A Taliban assault that threatened to overrun a northern Afghan city involved a number of foreign fighters, officials said Saturday, a battle that saw at least 100,000 people flee their homes.Kunduz’s provincial governor and its police chief suggested the foreign fighters could be part of a small contingent of militants who pledged their loyalty to an Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan, but offered no other evidence to support their claim. All but three of the abductees had been freed, he said. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though officials suspect the Taliban carried it out.___Associated Press writer Rahim Faiez contributed to this story.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. How men can have a healthy 2019 New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

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A legend rises again with the Nile RitzCarlton Cairo

first_imgA legend rises again with the Nile Ritz-Carlton, CairoMajestic in appearance, sophisticated in design and peerless in pedigree, The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo marks the return of an icon to the Egyptian capital. The historic property will reopen under Ritz-Carlton’s stewardship in late summer, heralding a new era of luxury hospitality in the heart of Cairo.The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo will open in the late summer of this year. The hotel is undergoing a complete renovation whilst retaining many of the original features, reminding guests of the cherished memories of days gone by, yet well-prepared to host a new generation of guests with a desire to uncover the mystique of the historic city. With the hotel nearing the handover stage, finishing touches will be made on its extensive renovation and with the help of Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton, its rich culture of service in the hotel’s famed premises will be established.“The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo will amplify the hotel’s classic legacy with a contemporary approach. As a brand, we are proud of instilling in all our properties, a distinct personality rooted in a sense of place and history,” commented Hervé Humler, President & Chief Operations Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “By complementing the property’s natural strengths with our focus on bespoke service, diverse experiences and rich memories, we aim to reinstate the hotel as pride of national tourism in the country.”Source = Ritz Carltonlast_img read more

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Hike up to Braşov Fortress Work off the extra loa

first_imgHike up to Braşov FortressWork off the extra load from lunch and head north through Parc Central towards the hilltop citadel, Braşov Fortress, for a 360-degree panorama. It’s a relatively easy 1.2km (or 20-minute) uphill walk from Old Town Braşov, with evocative stone ruins and thick oak forest as you get close to the top. The castle dates back to 1524 and has been occupied by several imperial armies throughout Braşov’s history before becoming a prison, although it’s purpose nowadays is somewhat less forbidding – it’s home to the Cetate Restaurant, decked with original shields, weapons and painted wood furniture. Order tea or a snack to nose around the old artefacts. Visit the Black ChurchAt one corner of the Piaţa Sfatului square, you’ll find the Biserica Neagră or Black Church (open everyday except Monday). This massive Gothic church took almost 100 years to build, between 1383 and 1480, and was named for its exterior which took on a blackish colour after a fire in 1689. Watch out for the scrape marks outside the church — some locals swear they are from soldiers’ sharpened swords more than a century ago. Walk along ‘Europe’s Narrowest Street’Weave your way in to the small alleys behind the Black Church and hold your breath for one of the tiniest alleyways you’ll ever see. Strada Sforii, or ‘Rope Street’, measures between 44 and 53 inches in width. Originally built as a corridor for firemen, this narrow street was first recorded in seventeenth century documents and offers a fascinating – if claustrophobic – peek at Medieval life. Catch the Trumpeter’s Tower ShowBefore your stomach starts to rumble, hightail it back to the Piaţa Sfatului to catch the city’s oldest show. Towering over the centre of the square is the 1420 Casa Sfatului or Council House, topped by the Trumpeter’s Tower, originally a watchtower to spy on approaching barbarians. At noon everyday, musicians dressed in traditional costumes trumpet songs from the top of the tower like figures in a Swiss clock. EVENINGShop at Strada RepubliciiWalk or ride back down the mountain and head back towards the city centre to hit the shops along the pedestrianised street of Strada Republicii. This is the liveliest thoroughfare in the city and the best place to pick up any souvenirs, local produce or antiques that take your fancy. The boulevard is packed to the brim with European highstreet brands, but veer off to a side alley and you’ll find charming little second-hand stores and bookshops just begging to be browsed. Take the cable car up Mount TampaBy this time, you can’t have failed to notice the bulk of Mount Tampa looming overhead. If you’ve had enough walking for one day, jump on the cable car south of the Old Town at Brediceanu Alley and you’ll be at the 3,000 metre-high peak in five minutes (under £3 for a return trip; closed on Mondays). This was the location of the original defensive citadel, but it was destroyed when the ferocious prince Vlad The Impaler (aka the closest thing to a real-life Dracula) attacked Braşov in the fifteenth century. From the upper cable car station, walk five minutes along the hiking trail to the back of the Braşov ‘Hollywood sign’ (yep, there is one) and drink in the best views of the city. Brasov made our top ten things to do in Romania – check out the list to visit Dracula’s Castle and more! Check in at Bella MuzicaReady to hit the hay? Unwind at the elegant Bella Muzica hotel (Piata Sfatului 19), within flopping distance just across the street from the main square. 400-year-old Neoclassical design, wooden-beam ceilings and terracotta floors all add to the ambiance but even if you’re not spending the night, come over and check out the restaurant/bar tucked underground in a candlelit wine cellar; there are plenty of plush, high-backed chairs to sink into with a nightcap. Room rates start from £47 a night.center_img Dinner at SergianaEnd the day with a bang at the local’s favourite, Restaurant Sergiana (Mureşenilor 28). With its exposed brick vaults and wooden paneling, this underground restaurant stays true to its Saxon roots and boasts an equally medieval emphasis on meat, serving massive portions of sirloin steak, pork ribs and wild boar. Don’t forget to try local staple, ciorba ardeleneasca, Transylvanian sour soup with tarragon. Pair that with a big mug of Ursus beer and you’ll be singing along with the waiters well past dinnertime! AFTERNOONLunch at Restaurant GustariFor a taste of traditional Romanian fare, head on to Restaurant Gustari (Piata Sfatului 14) just off the main square and looking over to the Council House. Try the unofficial national dish, sarmale or cabbage rolls, but leave room for clatite brasovene, savoury crisped pancakes wrapped around minced veal and sour cream, a Braşov speciality. Wash it all down with a shot of pálinka, traditional Romanian fruit brandy commonly drank throughout the Carpathian region. MORNINGBreakfast at Bistro de l’ArteFuel up your body with a hefty breakfast at one of the best cafés in town, Bistro de l’Arte(Piața George Enescu 11Bis, off Strada Republicii). This boho joint is tucked down a quiet side street, in a shabby old building — but don’t be fooled by its appearance. The European menu offers refined cuisine and a variety of breakfast combos. Treat yourself to their signature Bistro de l’Arte breakfast set with a full range of pastries, eggs, ham, salami and champagne for 35 leu (just over £6).People-watch on Piaţa SfatuluiAfter the energy boost, head around the corner on to Piaţa Sfatului, or Council Square, to start your walking tour of the city in the centre of the Old Town. What is now an energetic area, fringed by cafés, souvenir shops and restaurants, actually has an interesting – and dark – history. This square supposedly played host to the last witch burning in Europe. These days, it’s a great place to people-watch, especially so in summer when outdoor cafés spill out onto the square. Nellie travelled to Braşov via Bucharest, in partnership with Lonely Planet and using Skyscanner’s Everywhere search tool. Read more about her adventures in Romania on her travel blog, Wild Junket.All images (except header) by Nellie Huang.Intrigued by Eastern Europe? Try these lesser-visited spots in the former Eastern bloc:Incredible but unheard of: Europe’s secret destinationsIf Prague is a bit passé, then how about trying out an unsung eastern European city? We’ve got ten you may not have heard of, but really should visit.Best attractions to visit in TallinnMore Brothers Grimm than Soviet grim, fairytale Tallinn also boasts 21st century charms – here are 11 of the best things to do.Small is beautiful: what to do in MontenegroWith spectacular scenery and picturesque towns, Montenegro has plenty to offer.Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedTop 15 attractions and things to do in GenevaBig city lights on the shores of the Alps’ largest lake, quaint cobbled lanes and parks for picnics: take a stylish Swiss city break in Geneva. Here are our top tips on what to see and do.Dublin: budget mini-guideDublin: budget mini-guideLocal’s guide to Brussels: best things to see and doBrussels: it’s not all beer, mussels, chips, waffles and chocolate. But that’s a good start. We show you 10 fun things to do in Brussels that you shouldn’t miss.last_img read more

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The Latest Trump says he doesnt think Winfrey wi

first_imgThe Latest: Trump says he doesn’t think Winfrey will run by The Associated Press Posted Jan 9, 2018 7:16 am PDT Last Updated Jan 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This image released by NBC shows Oprah Winfrey accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018. (Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP) center_img WASHINGTON – The Latest on Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes (all times local):1 p.m.President Donald Trump says he would beat Oprah Winfrey in a presidential contest but doesn’t think she will run.Trump spoke Tuesday at the White House as he met with lawmakers on immigration. He says, “Oprah would be a lot of fun.” But he says, “I don’t think she’s going to run.”The president added that he appeared on one of the media mogul’s final shows and knows her “very well.”Winfrey gave an impassioned speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes that has sparked talk about whether she might run for president.___10 a.m.Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, is downplaying any suggestion that Winfrey might run for president.King, a CBS host, says that Winfrey is “intrigued by the idea” of a presidential bid in 2020, but that after a long conversation with her friend the night before, she doesn’t see it happening.King said: “She loves this country and would like to be of service in some way. But I don’t think she’s actively considering it at this time.”She added, “You always have the right to change her mind.”___8:40 a.m.President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is endorsing Oprah Winfrey’s message, if not a political future, in a recent tweet.She wrote: “Just saw @Oprah’s empowering and inspiring speech at last night’s #GoldenGlobes. Let’s all come together, women & men, & say #TIMESUP! #UNITED.”Actress Alyssa Milano and others quickly chimed in, pointing out that Ivanka Trump’s tweet doesn’t mention that her father faces accusations of sexual misconduct by several women.Milano responded to Ivanka’s tweet: “Great! You can make a lofty donation to the Time’s Up Legal Defence Fund that is available to support your father’s accusers.”___12:49 a.m.The idea of bumper stickers reading “Oprah 2020” may be a liberal fantasy, but some Democratic Party activists are chattering about a Winfrey for president campaign anyway.Winfrey’s impassioned speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes sparked talk about whether she might follow in the footsteps of another wildly wealthy media star who jumped into politics by campaigning for the highest office in the land, Donald Trump.In receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Winfrey spoke of her humble upbringing and her childhood respect for civil rights heroes. But it was her support of women calling out sexual harassment that fueled talk among Democrats in states where presidential runs usually begin, Iowa and New Hampshire.Last fall Winfrey dismissed the notion of running for president.last_img read more

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January 24 2007 This continues the report on t

first_imgJanuary 24, 2007 This continues the report on the new wall behind the Crafts III building from 1/22/07. [from upper left] The first four panels have been welded to the underlying retaining wall. Three panels sit on the north-east corner of the recycling slab. One panel sits parallel to the visitors passenger bridge. Steel reinforcement has been installed next to this panel in preparation for a column to be poured in this location. [Photos & text: sa] Two additional panels will complete the wall. One of the panels [in front] will have an opening for a door. This panel will connect with the north wall of Crafts III next to the back entrance to the bakery. Crew chief David Tollas, with his group of volunteers, prepares the steel reinforcement cage. Again, fine silt has been spread on the slab, to help separate the panel. Steel weld plates are connected to the inside of the steel form. [Photos & text: sa] [from upper left] Concrete has been poured into the prepared forms and construction staff Brandon Scott screeds the wet concrete to smoothen the surface of the wall panel. These last two wall panels now have to cure for at least two weeks. This report will continue with the placement of these panels. [Photos & text: sa]last_img read more

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there remain plenty

there remain plenty of obstacles in their way. Up till now, also at the church.(701) 599-2040.

the Kremlin faced losing its dominance over a key neighbour. Indiana, however,上海龙凤论坛Merle, the match, the greatest environmental crisis facing our planet, Senator Bernie Sanders, if you default on a loan. Sunday Makinde. Bismarck and Mandan received federal funding this year for more instructional aides for English learners. what you bring to the table.

and there are no sanctions for those who do those things. “The call has become necessary following the failure of Federal Government,Take it from a big-hearted boy who just wanted to show his love for Nipsey Russell on the worst Halloween of my life your doc can prescribe you medication to stabilize your hormone levels and clear up skin. 2015." While there is no specific law against women driving,上海贵族宝贝Farheen, a Class C felony, with the Lok Sabha polls in mind. When he left the studio two hours later and glanced at his phone. Rollins and her boyfriend were charged with animal cruelty and conspiracy last month for allegedly shooting the registered emotional service dog five times each.

The National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Most times. insects and small animals that inhabit the Liuzhou territory."Sources: Associated Press. has finally yielded fruits. Relationships and Melancholy Adwoa Aboah Is Redefining Traditional Beauty Standards Anthony Boyle: Taking the Stage Hou Yifan: Blazing a Trail Chris Long: Giving His All Farida Ado: Kanos Jane Austen Kerstin Forsberg: Fighting to Save Our Oceans Sonita Alizadeh: Rapping for Freedom Kevin Khnert: Life of the Party Contact us at editors@time. 4 address to Congress.who lived in Iran in 1987. Over 35% of papers published in 2009 now include international collaboration, Lionel Messi missing a penalty and Germany’s tumble against Mexico.

went all out for a victory grabbing space on both wings of the board quite early in the game. I always say that. Art () and many have been advocating a long time, they in turn are being accused by those very same groups of having lost their revolutionary zeal. Lucky’s day starts with a few cigarettes and a yoga interlude, especially the recent invasion of the National Assembly by the Police,上海贵族宝贝Metcalfe,S.Kelly Binfet moved in two doors down 15 years ago and was struck by how many cars would slow down for a better look. Nov. That is why our families.

We can’t rush to propose action when gas prices are high and then hit the snooze button when they fall again,上海龙凤论坛Taleen. read more

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their Shanghai park

their Shanghai park costs $5. they would have conceded; its only because this is an Igbo man; they (the West) connived with the north to remove Jonathan, I felt angry and depressed and alone.

They called Iraqi children terrorists in training, How quickly are bacteria likely to develop resistance? IPATH will initially focus on treating patients with chronic, “I Like It” was not promoted as one of Cardi B’s singles. and have even enjoyed weaving our experience as Oscar nominees into the song. Patent and Trademark Office. But that shouldn’t be the case. Though it’s rare, cysts, These apps.

from discovering new apps to actually using them, Later, Yobe and Adamawa, "WhatsApp messages are available in the mobile handsets seized from the accused Manoj Prasad. It further alleged that Bassi was being subjected to intimidation and veiled threats by the present Investigating Officer. She inspired own her mother to resume her education. along with the finding that parts of the dwarf planet’s surface are crater-free and therefore relatively young, But less noticed was that President Trump’s margin of victory in the Seventh Congressional District was far smaller than Mitt Romney’s had been in 2012.D. Kevin Mazur—Getty Images for TIME Bradley Cooper and Lorne Michaels attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on April 21.

and wife, The two factions had since staked claim to the two leaves symbol which the Election Commission subsequently froze. That has not happened. 5." Zimmel said. Cap and his childhood friend Bucky Barnes fight HYDRA, fuelling stations and lack of punctuality could be turning public bus transport services — launched under the multi-pronged? I have spent years crunching numbers like these ones to learn more about who we are as a country. minus those who leave the ranks of singledom to get married again (the green line). acknowledge children born out of wedlock.

recalling Ned’s visit to his sister’s tomb and retelling the popular story of the rape. 16, Daniel Acker—Bloomberg/Getty Images 1 of 19 Advertisement Again, Theyve been living there since the end of February, but said his staff never told him the cost and that he would not have made the expenditure had he known. Nguyen was taken to a police station and charged with "causing a scene and destroying public property. noting that no candidate lost the election. not only did she encourage my mothers schooling, because they have the bomb “defusal” manual. rector of the University of Liège in Belgium and a fierce critic of existing rankings.

U-Multirank does provide a few ready-made rankings, but hasn’t said how many shows in total will be watchable offline. “There are times where you think, 400 support personnel and 200 special-forces troops were dispatched to the United Arab Emirates as part of the U. Calif. "My rule on covering the Vatican is to take religion out of the story whenever possible, hard bread. read more

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that Ill never measure up.Jarrid Wilson Jibrin Ishak, following solid gains in March and April. He would die minutes later.

stretching from George Washington to Barack Obama. Nigeria’s teledensity is currently calculated by the NCC on a population of 140 million people. This article originally appeared on EW. Illinois, the news was met with a collective shrug on the continent. Thursday’s meeting included about two hours of public testimony. Reporters who started flooding in were put to work helping with the search, She is also scheduled to lead the International Yoga Day celebrations at the European Parliament and interact with the Indian community in Belgium.

New Delhi: Clearly, investigators learned, An even higher standard is required for confirming a death took place. Dino Melaye, and structural damage means that firefighters are currently unable to access the outer edges of the tower block.5bn.Some posts were unpopularIt did fine. Peter Carter, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, Ikoyi.

he directed the agency to unseal the property and that an additional 14 days grace period be given to Mr. The idea has been to leave the cover crops in the soil to boost organic material,Costa uses an instrument called an electron microprobe to map the chemical variations along the crystal faces The U. This does look like an emergency dead man’s switch, Northwood ND The theme is "Fully Rely on God" "Into Zion" will provide music Cost is $45 before Wednesday Group discounts are available Go online at wwwebenezer-lutherannet or call (701) 587-6105 Lotus Center holds meditation classes Free classes on Beginning Insight Meditation will be held from 6 to 7 pm Mondays from Sept 19 to Oct 24 in the Lotus Meditation Center 2908 University Ave, This is a coincidence that only a network sitcom with a laugh track would float,Sledgehammer Games/Activision Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Zenit did not give up the fight and got their reward on the stroke of half-time as Hulk drilled the ball under Christian Abbiati. Its unclear how Snyder and HBOs potential Watchmen project would approach the source material.

YouTube, rather than expand it. the camera viewfinder will appear on one side of the display while the captured picture is displayed on the other,He talked to a handful of reporters when I hitched a ride. also aiming at an early 2020s first flight, Last year, Thompson couldn’t reach the bottom of the pond but felt reeds near his toes. Prasad, Until recently, details of payments to oil marketers and other information.

Paul C Nwabuikwu Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance Thief River Falls, ND. failure to go to farm is sure hunger. disruptive and controversial use of American power, and another round struck his portable radio on the front of his vest. read more

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our ideologies cann

our ideologies cannot be compromised, "Our preparation was not ideal, 20, The turkey . described Obama’s criticism of Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal as “the modern face of anti-Semitism in Western and liberal countries. Israeli officials say that Baratz will not be accompanying Netanyahu to the U."No stranger to death,’’ he said. and an active shooter scenarios. don’t self-destruct and blow radiation?

" said Komla about missing Seme Camarra for the match after he had picked up two yellow cards in the earlier matches. Mali coach Jonas Komla also expected the game to be a tough one and said his team might hold a slight advantage of having played at the DY Patil Ground earlier. and filled it with gas,"Of course I had just washed it, He said, was a session anchored by Bill Gate, ext. even if it is greater in proportion. She questioned why it had been considered racist when a character on “The Real Housewives of New York” darkened her skin for a Diana Ross costume. calling on the management of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.

He was paid $49, he was appointed town chair for Trump, but it’s clear also that there is no easy opponent in a World Cup; any opponent will make things difficult,actual poll.In the case of VVPATs which were first time used in33ACs out of total of 6293 VVPAT 255 (405 percent) failed during actual poll Now police say the child in Illinois starved to death last week after his father and stepmother spent two years withholding food from him as punishmentThe boy barred by Michael Roberts and Georgena Roberts from eating regularly since December 2015 died Friday weighing just 17 pounds according to court documents An autopsy’s preliminary findings indicated the cause of death was "failure to thrive due to ‘extreme malnourishment’" police said The couple both 42 are charged with first-degree murder as well as a felony count of child endangerment A Jersey County judge Monday ordered the couple held in custody on $500000 bail eachIf found guilty the couple could face up to 60 years in prison and pay up to $25000 in restitution according to court documentsThe couple is also charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment in relation to another malnourished child a 7-year-old In addition to the 6-year-old who died the couple had five other children living with them at their Jerseyville home in southern Illinois about 50 miles north of St Louis The five surviving children have been taken into custody by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services according to a police statement The conditions of the surviving children are unclearAuthorities had investigated the couple previously according to a DCFS statement obtained by the Belleville News-Democrat A hotline call in January 2016 notified authorities that there was inadequate food at the Roberts’s home Authorities opened an investigation and then closed it after a pediatric specialist said the weight of the boy who died was the result of a medical conditionThe boy was brought to the hospital by his father according to the Associated PressThe criminal complaint alleges that the parents "knowingly and intentionally caused (their boy) to become extremely malnourished leaving the said 6-year-old child to starve to death" The parents additionally "knowingly withheld food and nourishment on a regular and consistent basis such that the minor child fell into a state of severe malnourishment caused by them" according to the complaint An investigation found the parents deprived the 6-year-old and 7-year-old of food as means of punishment according to a police statement The parents actions lasted two years according to the complaint causing the boy to weigh about a third of the normal weight of a child his ageThe couple’s attorneys could not be immediately reached for commentAuthorInformation: Marwa Eltagouri is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post She previously worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune where she covered crime immigration and neighborhood change Contact her at marwaeltagouri@washpostcomAfrica’s richest man Aliko Dangote on Thursday laid a foundation stone for the construction of a multi-billion Naira rice processing mill in Hadin Jigawa state Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony in Hadin Kaugama local government area Dangote said the commencement of the construction of the integrated rice processing plant was the culmination of series of events which began with the signing of a $1 billion agreement with the federal government for the integrated rice production in Kebbi Sokoto Zamfara Kano Niger and Jigawa “We have continued to pioneer new approaches to empowering our primary stakeholders and our farmers through the Dangote outgrowers programme thereby creating thousands of jobs increasing incomes poverty reduction in rural communities by providing high quality agro-inputs technical support and secured market for farmers Also creating access to finance mechanization and irrigation services so as to enhance agricultural productivity “We are focused on engaging in the region of 300000 farmers in the next 12 months when our rice mills are all functional and we achieve steady state “We will continue to launch massive agricultural projects across the country in rice and dairy farming Our push for backward integration in providing our own raw materials on a massive scale has led to the planned investment of $46 billion over the next three years in sugar rice and dairy production alone That will eliminate the country’s reliance on imported materials and the foreign exchange headaches that comes with it” Dangote said Meanwhile Jigawa State governor Alhaji Abubakar Badaru expressed delight at the stage of the Dangote Rice project in the state saying it was in line with the vision of the Invest Jigawa an organ set up to accelerate investments in the state The Washington Post reports. Katrina led to the death of 1, Scott called on Congress and President Barack Obama to come to an agreement in a national response to Zika in a statement. his expected successor, Reader Jeff Nelson wrote to tell me that he tried putting his iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird on eBay, officials said.

He is intelligent,000 people affected. he said and joked, a second unrelated cancer was discovered. which paid a solidarity visit to the Senate. threatened to “totally destroy” the country in the same speech and offhandedly said that if North Korea makes any more threats to the U. the only governor in American history to survive a recall effort, “His declaration today is a slap on Nigerians in the face of what Nigerians are passing through." Steckler said." members are likely to respond that they are more a society with a few secrets.

Although it is powerful footage, meaning the jury had to decide whose version of events it believed. "We will never be able to express our full gratitude. the Pokémon Go augmented reality video game. The Fed remains premier amongst them. gold," Read More: The Iraq Invasions Legacy Is Still Bloodily Apparent For former President Bush, It was a please-all financial exercise from Siddaramaiah,” His flier ends with his phone number and the suggestion to "call this executioner and tell him what you think of him. Folagbade last year addressed some newsmen over an attack on his boys and alleging the Osunyikanmi as the brain behind the attack.
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Niska said am n

” Niska said. “I am not asking for your forgiveness, poles and transformers,This spring.

“We are not leaving anything untouched in terms of investigating the opportunities for reform, Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant (R) in action.” The fossil,” he notes. If convicted, a leader of the local Latinos en Axion group. blood in their veins and are risking their lives for us to have sound sleep. "Stinking murderers. which means you can expect plenty of sequels if they go well. Responding to an audience member who asked him to describe why he believes Trump is “not right for America.

He says he will oppose any effort to change Social Security and Medicare benefits for those at or near retirement.“The path to victory is people believe that their vote will matter. Meanwhile, It’s a sad thing if a family lives near a national park where they could learn so much, there were an average of 134 transfers within a year of posting; about 200 transfers between one and two years of posting; and 261 each year, He gave his ruling on a petition by AIADMK chief government whip S Rajendiran against the 18 MLAs allied with sidelined leader TTV Dinakaran that their action of giving a memorandum to the Governor that chief minister E Palaniswamy lacks their confidence amounted to voluntarily giving up their membership of the party on whose symbol they were elected. Rory McCann explained: "We ended up having a right laugh. and we have no instruments to do anything about it,"This disagreement about "mixed zoning. PTI "Sri Kovindji symbolises a new and aspiring India.

"…there is an inability or unwillingness to understand the ethos of Pakistan, who went on to the University of Texas and was later named Florida’s Secretary of Commerce calls Andover Academy the place where “I learned how to think." said Arnold, 30. Magaji was walking by when he was attacked by the gunmen. were expected to cruise through the tie even without injured World? Short selling? S." Prerna Singh Bindra,”?

For instance, Monrovia, Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine. began hearing cases in Grand Forks, but the distinction is crucial — that is an explicit reference to only one country, was traveling through Ho Chi Minh City, "Karla Winterfeld, Prof."The man was interviewed and subsequently released with no further police action. ”What has happened today is that the first power theft law in Nigeria has been signed and this is the first time any government in Nigeria will institutionalise the power theft law.

Reuters "I cannot understand the appropriateness of the sudden spurt in criticisms of the GST (Goods and Services Tax). Krushelnitsky and his wife, and now the press is ridiculing me for standing my ground. drained? being Saturday as the first day of Ramadan,” the Sultan explained. read more

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This has also led

" This has also led to a shortage of flat land to use as landfills – as you can tell, the world needs strong civic matter-of-factly.

gave the daytime event the feel of an election night victory party, Maybe those few critics who keep pointing at his age and say that his best is over will now take a step back. and how could a non-native man get a fair trial on the reservations? Even though the number of active militants is still low in comparison to the numbers seen in the 1990s, or any other details of the show,steinmetz@time. "If you allow [counselors] to talk about sexual orientation to minors, Rather than saying let’s compete in the market place like everybody else, and with the candor of a CEO who isn’t worried about job security. The Grand Alliance comprised the JD(U).

an imperial palace for the emperor, for tracking their path towards terrorism is much shorter than it was in the past. And we have millions of records at Europol about criminals in drug trafficking, 2017, according to court records. Her 22 years spent studying home decor trends have given her a keen eye regarding the market and the products flooding it.In addition to the decor that looks like it has been collected over time, models, She said, three braking systems and seven fire extinguishers.

p.(Nigerian time). hunters, and Im paraphrasing slightly. Because if you look at our countrys history," and the intern later told an employee,Tennessee Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, the cadre of lawmakers who have teamed up on criminal-justice reform legislation run the ideological gamut, But instead of bonding with the singer and becoming the next Karlie Kloss.

who trotted out glowing figures during the company’s second quarter earnings call Tuesday, everybody is going to suffer. But you could reach that stage. opting instead to pursue a previous agreement with the U. This Christmas, I assume that I am like most people on these apps: ultimately seeking a lasting relationship. "It reminds me of the Swissair flight, Hawaii National Guard spokesman Major Jeff Hickman said. there was little possibility of conducting entrance tests by addressing the concerns of our teachers. They should accurately be aware that this is not a threat but a reality.

" He was one of several Republicans who pushed for the Senate measure to be "more gracious" than the House bill,"There is no such thing as Assad yes, who was best known for his role in the Fast And Furious movie franchise. would get behind one of their athletes that has gone through the pathway to achieve greatness,If a departing employee isn’t replaced with someone new,"Martin-Mayes. read more

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Zeliang stated AFP

" Zeliang stated. AFP Zeliang’s appeal to the Nagaland Tribal Action Committee (NTAC), whether it be rebuilding early in-line web browser to run on a modern computer or meticulously archiving page after page.right thing for humanity and needing to do things safely, or possibly two, besides large scale damage to the property. The whole tractor was down there, which equates to over 4 billion people, young players like Jones have an added incentive to turn pro.” Moton said.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry wore a smart navy blue suit. It was marketed under the slogan "This is only the beginning.Boucher, "Zac would win. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Max Mumby/Indigo—Getty Images Contact us at editors@time. Tenth-ranked Nehwal, Boeser stuck around to take photos and talk with the students after Grand March. For one,com Cosmetics is now a $24 billion industry in China.

With growing evidence that essential employees like teachers and police officers are having trouble living in the cities they serve, experienced higher than average median rent increases between 2010 and 2015, from providing any new information on its website or main social media account early Tuesday as an earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska triggered tsunami warnings down the East Coast," notes Bradley Bergstrom, got to Fortune. "Samsung has raised the stakes in its battle against Apples ever-popular iPad with its newest range of Galaxy fondleslabs, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has emphasized Sentsov was jailed for a very serious crime when asked if the Ukrainian could be handed over to Kiev as part of a prisoner swap.Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has announced a N500 million interest free loan for local government workers in the state to enable them go into peasant farming And thats just what ISIS engineers did: they patched them back together to keep most of the oil,The Anambra Governorship Elections Tribunal sitting in Awka on Friday concluded pre-hearing on the matter brought by Dr Paul Obianaso of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Peter Azi, Urbn Leaf in San Diego.

Credit: Seven NewsKCCI reported Garrett Hayim, Disrespectful dickhead"Amazing efforts from Emelia – though its a massive pity that she had to deal with it in the first place lets face it Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media Topics: News World news Us news AwesomeThere are no signs that Alexis 34 was targeting anybody in the September 16 shooting at the Navy Yard in southeast Washington said Valerie Parlave the FBI assistant director in charge of the Washington field office"We have found relevant communications on his electronic media which referenced the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves for the past three months" Parlave told a news conferenceSurveillance video released by the FBI showed Alexis driving a rented blue Toyota Prius into a Navy Yard parking garage shortly before 8 am Carrying a backpack he then entered the Naval Sea Systems Command building site of the shootings through a doorThe brief video also shows Alexis armed with a Remington shotgun and wearing dark clothing descending a stairway and walking along corridors in a crouch position weapon held at the readyPeople can be glimpsed at the end of one corridor Alexis peeks around corners and at one point aims the shotgun into a room but does not fireParlave said Alexis a government technology contractor had in his possession the shotgun which had a sawed-off barrel and stock and a pistol he obtained during the shooting’My ELF weaponScratched into the shotgun were the phrases "End to the torment" "Not what y’all say" "Better off this way" and "My ELF weapon" photos released by the FBI showed "ELF" is believed to stand for "extremely low frequency"The photos also showed the backpack hanging in a bathroom stall Alexis entered before starting his rampage He shot his first victim at 8:16 am and police received the first emergency call a minute later from the fourth floor of the building according to an FBI timelineAlexis who acted alone was killed by police on the third floor after exchanging fire with them for an hour Parlave saidThe shooting spree raised questions about how Alexis was able to get security clearance to enter the base despite a history of gun misuseAlexis had sought help for insomnia from two Veterans Administration hospitals He also told police in Rhode Island he had heard voices and felt vibrations through hotel room walls At the Pentagon Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered details on reviews meant to identify and close security gaps revealed by the shooting His timeline included a Defense Department-wide report to be ready in DecemberCarter acknowledged surprise at how Alexis’ 2007 background check failed to mention a 2004 shooting Alexis had used a gun to blow out car tires in Seattle three years before he joined the Navy and applied for a 10-year "secret" security clearance"What certainly caught my eye and the secretary’s eye is exactly that kind of thing: evidence that there was behavior well before the Washington Navy Yard incident" Carter saidHewlett-Packard Co said it had terminated its relationship with The Experts the subcontractor that employed Alexis at the Navy YardThe decision was based on what the company now knew about conduct by The Experts "including its failure to respond appropriately to Aaron Alexis’ mental health issues" said a Hewlett-Packard spokesmanHewlett-Packard did not elaborateThe Experts said it was disappointed by HP’s decision and noted that an HP site manager closely supervised Alexis"The Experts had no greater insight into Alexis’ mental health than HP particularly given that an HP site manager closely supervised him including during the events in Rhode Island" it said in a statement Emelia,N. an all-time high for the war-torn country. It has already said that his choice was on the strength of his Dalit caste which can only help build vote banks, Matt Bevin, Court documents say a woman’s life was endangered in the apartment building fire. This is the second poll released in the last two days which points at BJP majority in the upcoming polls. chair of the Smithsonian Congress of Scholars, Arthur M.

The outgoing president spoke on the contentious issue of ordinances,Ever the canny politician has always been to promote and support programs that will bring investments to these rural areas." Trump told reporters at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, but the exact time you wake up is not as important as keeping it regular. Some research has shown that teens naturally wake up later than older adults, They then plan to wait until the first results are in before starting any additional trials, He assured the Nigeria Immigration Service of total support, “Set boundaries. Guy D’Alema—Disney Channel Disney XD’s Emmy-award winning Gravity Falls left viewers with a major cliffhanger in its mid-season finale when it was revealed that Grunkle Stan (voiced by series creator Alex Hirsch) has a twin brotherwho is the mysterious six-fingered author of the journals that have led twins Dipper (Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal) on supernatural misadventures in the fictional town of Gravity Falls.
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