How to draw from the website operation algorithm of Scindapsus quick step

love Shanghai 12 years from the beginning to now illegal content on the Internet hit has been stuck in the announcement, but not much action, now the Internet is full of illegal information of every hue, especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, a lot of illegal information is included on page to complete faced with this situation, the love of Shanghai companies are likely to the user experience as an excuse to purify the Internet environment for the purpose to combat illegal content, this website will face against many of the estimated drop right or K stand behavior, and many owners will refer to: vulnerable. So webmaster friends might as well give up early to do illegal websites, healthy operation of a regular site good read more

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Not all websites need a site map site optimization problems early

For example, we used the

through this case we can analysis the site map there is indeed a certain value for large sites, but for us this kind of small and medium-sized enterprise website for his value is little, there is no need for you to do a moving station, a electrical repair site, do a wedding photography site, a month to update so few, or a genius update so many contents, love Shanghai has every reason to make your web pages is very good every day, you don’t need to worry about his capture efficiency, you can see your IIS log, check the daily visits to the spider crawling, as long as he was basically, can grab is very good, so this example is to design the vine, and not everyone needs to use each Shanghai dragon skills, although you can achieve But, do not use, some use may even have a negative effect, such as why the site map for small and medium enterprises have a negative effect on read more

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Love Shanghai search results page link address will be upgraded to partial access source link will c

A5 marketing website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis ( Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) services, to provide the most professional Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to help you to build a (love Shanghai search and user love website), to ensure 100% improve your weight, invalid full refund. Customer service QQ:800017899.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement said: love Shanghai web search results page mechanism this week is upgrading, the webmaster will observe from Shanghai love page access source link part (referer) changes, please pay attention to the webmaster monitoring traffic sources. Specific performance is as follows: read more

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Talking about the source of my website revenueshlf1314AdSense, it’s not easy to say love you

what to say, after all, their income and everyone is more than what is not. But if some of my income will give us some inspiration, or you see my communication, also can share their experience, that my purpose is to the Internet. The essence of the thing, that is to share and exchange.

          very strange, why I always can not receive PIN, continuous for three address, three times without the service, sent 10 to MAIL, the results never returned, not shlf1314AdSense tried to refuse to pay? This is the Chinese webmaster friends in the China now only say to each other is also worth doing shlf1314AdSense. No electronic payment link, no direct link to K, a lot of hair. Even the verification should be divided into two steps. A telephone certification, had passed on to send you a small green card, if you like me to live in the city is not responsible for the postman, I estimate that the mail 10 times the result is the same, it is regarded as the real estate business or bank reminder fee single sample, with the wind go. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee on spider capture process strategy


filter URL


1, grab friendly: the deployment of grasping pressure reducing access pressure on the

2, the return code of

Lee spider said in the face of the complicated network environment in the capture process, in order to make the system to capture as much as possible and valuable resources and maintain a consistent page system and the actual environment caused by the pressure at the same time not to give website experience, will design a variety of complex crawling strategy. And briefly introduces the main strategy involves the type of capture process. read more

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Wang Tong big chance for small verification codeWeChat ordering – my WeChat venture

found it was not so easy after all that was done. It’s a long way to go. But since we are on the road, we must go on without hesitation. The problem is solved one by one. WeChat order in the process of doing this, but also a lot of business communication. Get to know their needs. In the process, also met a lot of friends, many are also optimistic about the direction of WeChat’s business, and also very coincidentally, just optimistic about WeChat in the restaurant order the specific use of this piece of value. read more

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love Shanghai website was hacked two domain name how to deal with

is a method of final results are of no use, in addition to its own lift pan after parsing really don’t know what to do, and because the pan analytic website down right cause I do? Master slowly down right after two weeks, but my other two domain names in sight, included normal, normal snapshot. But close all rank >

4, to love Shanghai’s snapshot.

?We want to see the ?

4, the snapshot: this I have tried, love Shanghai each complaint snapshot is only 12, with dozens of Pan analysis of two level domain name, I submitted several times, love Shanghai specific feedback results as below: read more

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mprove the site keywords ranking a quick selection of key words

we all know, the main keywords is priority among priorities we get traffic, so we in the selection of the main keywords must have a good analysis, reasonable selection of website main keywords, let the main keywords well positioned to site. On the selection of key words too much, many webmaster summed up their own set of methods, this article tends to "individual virtual son rain quickly improve website weight method three: some methods about winning" keywords, but there are a lot of related articles, very good, we are interested in you can see. The rain when it comes to virtual sub main keywords in the article should be selected with "easy to difficult" three levels, which is beneficial to the optimization of the site, which is in line with my ideas, I usually choose five words, including a hard, two medium, two easy, so for the website optimization it is relatively reasonable, of course, this is only for reference, you can own the actual situation according to their own choice. read more

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How to use the search command to determine the page value

the first question, we know that the search included "are retrieved value", as long as the retrieval value and can be found will be included, but the retrieval value and value "is not the same, there are some web retrieval value to the users, or even be included (you direct input URL can be displayed included) but site did not show the results, these pages are generally not reflected high value. How to improve the specific value of "can refer to: on the Internet page value.

we can see the domain chain (or link) is only 30, while the Shanghai love can find 1310, so much did not show, can also explain the fact published this link platform quality problems. (our forum is mainly soft outside the chain of support, because in the A5 and Chinaz soft to be any person who may be reproduced, so we can not control the quality. read more

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The station anchor text flexibly to improve website weight

control the number of anchor text is very important, if an article anchor text too much dispersion weight of the article, it may let love Shanghai search engine is not included in this article, do the anchor text it was of no use, if too much too much will even make search engine punishment. Here Xiaobian recommended every 500-1000 word is best to use a link to the anchor text.

in the website optimization, either within or outside the chain chain is very important, especially now love Shanghai focus on user experience, weight chain is far more than the chain, has great influence on the website ranking. After so many years of the optimization process, found that as long as the chain is done well, the page will have a very good ranking, then what should we do in the chain of read more

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