What are the opportunities for college students’ entrepreneurial financing

may have a lot of newly graduated college students have their own entrepreneurial ideals, but the reality of the shortage of funds so that many people can do nothing. What are the ways for college students to start their own business? Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

(1): Bank of bank loans is the main financing channels for enterprises. Bank lending is known as the entrepreneurial financing of the reservoir, the entrepreneur is a mass base". Meet the conditions of the borrower, according to the individual’s resources and the ability to repay, the maximum can get a single 500 thousand yuan loan support. The term of the loan is generally one year, the longest is not more than three years. According to the nature of funds, divided into three types of working capital loans, fixed assets loans and special loans. Special loans usually have a specific purpose, the loan interest rate is generally more favorable, the loan is divided into credit loans, secured loans and bills discounted. read more

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Real Madrid coach Zidane will serve as the original coach Benitez class

according to foreign media news, former Real Madrid star Zidane will take over as coach of Real Madrid in the summer, former coach Benitez for poor performance, Real Madrid club announced the termination of the contract.

4 evening, Real Madrid president Florentino announced that the "class", football superstar Zidane to become the new coach of Real Madrid.

Perez said at a news conference, said: "we made a difficult decision, the termination of a contract with Benitez team." read more

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How can we guarantee the operation of the hot pot

an entity shop if you can not guarantee the source, so that the store will be difficult to continue to operate, not to mention the operators are more lucrative returns. Therefore, if a spicy pot to ensure that the source of tourists, there is still a need to do the relevant work. So, how can we operate to ensure that the hot pot?

first, store hygiene.

spicy hot pot store store staff, including staff whether to wear gloves, hair sets, masks, equipment used to produce food to keep clean and healthy every time not greasy. Kitchen waste is placed in the distance away from the table and clean up the position. Whether the disposable utensil used by the customer is a transparent paper bag. read more

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How to do to make their own food and beverage brand invincible

a lot of food and beverage industry in the catering industry is now talking about catering and color, in the eyes of the failure of the catering industry, catering industry is a terrorist industry, the food and beverage industry is a very competitive industry. But in Japan, the food and beverage industry, they produce a lot of brands in the world, food and beverage industry is no exception, from Japanese brands can develop in the China good, why is there such a situation? This is the relationship between Japanese culture craftsmen, is in fact more about Japanese food and beverage industry for deeper. It is because of these considerations, to Japanese food and beverage industry in an invincible position in the market. read more

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The way to success

instant noodles really junk food? That is why it can still be ranked pasta second in the world, its popularity has its own grievances elution. As China’s domestic enterprises famous brand Kangshifu will reveal his way to success.

from 20 years ago to launch the first packet of instant noodles, now have become a byword for instant noodles, Tingyi widely welcomed by consumers "success", in the words of Wei Yingzhou, chairman of the master is the master, is always in order to promote the Chinese food culture as the enterprise foundation mission and the continuous development of enterprises. read more

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Ten essential skills for successful female entrepreneurs

is now increasing number of female entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs want to succeed must pay more effort, but the following ten techniques for women entrepreneurs to provide little help to women entrepreneurs detours.

1, do not start to set their own position is very high, it is necessary to slowly. For example, to open a small commodity store, store location, the items are in line with the tastes of the market, it is not difficult to make money. Of course, the premise is that you have to have that vision. read more

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The key to the success of online business integrity can not be missing

integrity as a kind of excellent quality in the whole society is highly recommended, especially in such a lack of trust of the times, integrity will be very important, especially in the current network sales.

extends from the entity shops to the online shop online sales by Mr. Fu: offline online business expansion and lay a solid foundation when reporters came to Mr. Fu in the cyber square four floor of the "Sunshine Technology", the staff is busy doing business online, some busy customer feedback messages, some are ready to be sent the goods, and it all happened in this less than 5 square meters of shops. It is hard to imagine that such a small store is actually behind a 3 entity shops, 8 online shops e-commerce companies, and this shop is just one of the shops. Mr. Fu has also become a well-known online entrepreneurs star. read more

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Need to talk about the sale of cigarettes in good faith

every year there will be a few seasons in the store sales season, and the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the shop selling time. And after the new year’s day, the annual sales season has followed, the purchasing power of the community to grow, consumer demand increased, cigarette sales also appeared unprecedented sales peak. When the market, no matter from all ichthyosaurs chaos, purchase, sales or customer service etc., retail customers are not easy to take into account, busy in leakage, once be missing are likely to affect the image of integrity. read more

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