Tencent, China’s provincial government micro-blog users reached 1911

At the end of December 2013, our province approved Qinghai government Tencent micro-blog has 1911, including micro-blog, 1553 party and government officials of 358 micro-blog.

micro-blog was born in a variety of social environment, experienced 4 years of growth, has accumulated a large number of micro-blog users crowd. As of the end of 2013, the number of registered Tencent micro-blog account is close to 600 million, the number of active users daily more than 90 million. With its rapid spread, high penetration characteristics, micro-blog has become an important source of public opinion outbreak and the responsibility of the public sector response to the primary platform. At the same time, because of the availability of opinion leaders and grassroots users highly onlookers in the process of information communication and fast assessment, micro-blog media follow up, the Internet gradually formed with micro-blog as the center, forum, Post Bar and other network media supplemented by the pattern of communication. read more

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Province bright line medical team into Burundi for 200 cataract patients with bright

local time in Burundi on December 2nd at 10 in the morning, our province "bright line" medical team in Burundi, opening ceremony held in the capital city of Bujumbura, the big prince hospital. Plan for two weeks, for the local cataract surgery for 200 patients free of charge, and carry out various forms of medical assistance activities.

it is understood that in Burundi, cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the local population, but because of economic difficulties and the lack of implementation of cataract surgery conditions, the patient’s pain is difficult to lift. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Burundi, the governments of both countries have continued to strengthen cooperation in various fields, and further development of friendly relations. From the beginning of 2010, the Chinese government actively carry out free cataract surgery in Burundi, as many economic difficulties in relieving pain. The "bright line" activities, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission in accordance with the requirements of the national health plan, takes a group of skilled and experienced clinical ophthalmic surgery experts from the provincial people’s Hospital and Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University established medical team went to Burundi, the implementation of phacoemulsification in the treatment of 200 patients with cataract, and carry out academic lectures, clinical teaching and other medical activities in the local hospital. In addition, the hospital will donate advanced ophthalmic surgery equipment to help local doctors learn to use advanced equipment in the course of surgery, for the future to create conditions for the treatment of cataract patients. read more

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Wind from Qinghai National Day debut in Beijing

The province’s cultural system reform has achieved initial success. Among them, after the establishment of the Qinghai performing arts group, the first repertoire of ethnic song and dance poetry, the wind from Qinghai, the National Day debut in Beijing, to participate in the national repertoire of outstanding performances. This is the performing arts group after the establishment of the first opening in Beijing. In the play, dance charm and artistic conception of the art of applying the concept of innovation and development, with the help of modern science and technology of photoelectric sound animation video, Qinghai unique folk customs show on the stage, portrait interpretation of great beauty of Qinghai ethnic culture and era feelings. read more

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Qinghai Hui Hui society will be held at the education aid payment ceremony

The morning of August 22nd, Qinghai Hui and Salar relief 2015 annual payment summer education aid ceremony held at the Moslem Mansion Hotel, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Qinghai Hui and Salar relief honorary president Ma Changqing and other leaders and entrepreneurs who love to take part in the rescue of blonde put ceremony. The province’s 449 back, Sala, Tibetan, Han and other ethnic minority students receive funding. Relief will be issued a total of 1 million 987 thousand yuan of educational assistance (which is $75 thousand this year will be undertaken by the central government bailout funds).

according to the specific conditions of the students, help save money and donor specific requirements, Qinghai Hui and Salar aid this year students funded work, to enterprises, institutions and people love special funding and assistance will recommend the traditional "capital by composite subsidies and other ways, at the same time, poor students according to special education students in consideration of the actual circumstances of special funding. Previously, assistance will be sent two visits investigation team dispatched to the province of the state county, to carry out a period of 12 working days of field visits and investigation work, identified 449 poor students this year summer funding list, including 2 graduate students, 316 people, 130 senior high school students, 1 students in special education. read more

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The twelfth session of the the Yellow River extreme challenge preparations to enter the final sprint

In May 18th, reporters from the twelfth session of the "Zhenrong walnut Cup" Chinese · Qinghai international crossing the Yellow River ultimate challenge tournament press conference that the preparations for the event has entered the final sprint stage. In addition to logistical support, the event series is carefully planned, carefully deployed.

is hosting the tournament, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County was established under the tournament organizing committee, and the coordination of services, conference reception, publicity and cultural activities, the environment, security, food safety and medical care and other 8 preparatory working group, from the beginning of April this year began arrangements. On the reception of accommodation, catering services and safety, health, rescue and other key aspects of strict inspection and rectification. At present, the preparatory work is basically ready for the race. read more

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Water conservancy facilities in our province will be equipped with full-time housekeeper

"Guide County on 257 small water conservancy property were inventoried, through leasing, contracting, joint-stock and other forms of transfer of the right to the use of small water conservancy projects. At present, there have been 370 agreements for the protection and management, which means that the small-scale irrigation and water conservancy facilities have their own professional butler".

reporter recently in Guide County Chang Mu Zhen Zhou Tun Cun, see a small U type new canals, such as vascular smooth connection with a block of land in the channel flowing, not to see a "run, run, drip, drain and stem". According to reports, this is the Guide county to promote the reform of irrigation and water conservancy, the results of the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices. read more

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The number of natural science papers in our province increased by nearly half a record high

, a reporter from the Qinghai Provincial Natural Science Academic Excellence Awards Conference was informed that the 2013 – 2014 year natural science papers in our province to declare the number than last year growth of 48.3%, a previous award declaration paper high number. In particular, engineering, 21 papers, more than the last 16 articles, there is a substantial increase in the number of declarations, the quality is significantly improved. This reflects the province’s Natural Science Award for academic excellence in the province’s vast number of scientific and technological workers in the growing influence. read more

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Xining, a cradle for every child

Super strength! In the first three vocational skills competition in Xining, Xining City, the first vocational and technical school is always extraordinary! Zhaijinduoyin! Fruitful! The contest not exception, because, as one of the main school hosted the contest, in recent years, under the correct leadership of the municipal government and the Municipal Education Bureau, adhering to the "the unemployed have industry, make industry and enjoy the" mission "and seeking the personality development, for making a living, as for personal services, the country and the world to promote social productivity to" educational philosophy, the school has a strong strength of the school! Social prestige! Rich connotation! Distinctive features! The school was founded 30 years ago to the community to deliver more than 3 well-known entrepreneurs, corporate executives and backbone, golden blue collar, is the most dazzling, the most convincing gold cup! The silver cup! Wom!

held the city’s occupation education skills contest, is the municipal government attaches great importance to skills training, comprehensive an important measure to improve the overall quality of the contingent of skilled personnel to take technology. The fourth session of the occupation education skills contest is a contest over the years, the largest and most forms of competition competition, new competition idea, close to the actual positions of the most compact, by the city from all walks of life, especially the wide attention of the occupation school. Hope that through the success of the contest, to further enhance the ability of occupation education foundation in our city, to promote the reform of national demonstration school construction in our city to accelerate quickly, and cultivate high-quality skilled talents need a large number of times, make new contributions to the implementation of the city’s economic restructuring.

– Xining City Education Bureau Director Guan Xinmin


the powerhouse extraordinary strength at school

2The cradle of read more

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Three measures to strengthen the construction of civic morality publicity and education work

in recent years, North District has always been to strengthen the citizen moral construction as the primary task of building a civilized city, seize the popularity of "patriotic law-abiding, courtesy and honesty, friendliness, diligence and self-improvement, dedication to the" 20 basic morals focus of this work, and to take the form of popular and productive, multi-channel, multi level to carry out publicity and education activities, and strive to form a good atmosphere of citizen moral construction, All the world knows. known to every family.

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Xining City Council – let the people worry for the masses of this solution

December 11, 2008, sunny.

10 in the morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of letters and visits, stood a lot of people to help.

group, deputy director of the Complaints Bureau Tang Chongliang gesturing, while patiently and exchange. Such a scene, he and his colleagues have gone through many times……

busy and happy

busy in the masses of the letters and visits staff, a patient to communicate with the masses, the office, a few people come to reflect the problem of patience, all staff are busy. "Every day we have to receive a lot of people to reflect the problem, most of the time there are eight dial a day, a month to deal with the more than and 100 things." Although the petition work time is not long, but the biggest feeling this work brought Ma Xiaoying’s "bury the hatchet". read more

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Remind the main responsibility for the implementation of the conversation

in accordance with the municipal deployment, March 9th to 11, the City Commission for discipline inspection organization party inspection room and other departments, were led by the Municipal Committee, discipline committee Cao Jiansong and 3 deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, health and family planning, housing security and Property Management Bureau, municipal authorities who fulfill the main responsibility for honest government to remind talk.

groups take listening to the reports, discussion exchange, access to information and other ways of learning, part of the city party two regulations and the main responsibility for the implementation of special investigation, listened to the research unit is learning party two regulations and the main responsibility for the implementation of the report, the exchanges and discussions with members of the team, check the learning party two department regulations and implement the relevant data of the main responsibility. At the same time, the city of agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and other three clean government patrol unit inspection conducted in 2015 rectification. The main responsibility for the implementation is not in place and other issues, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection led to the main leadership and team members of the 12 municipal units to remind conversation, asked all units directly under the party committees (party) to further clarify the main responsibility of the relevant requirements, the implementation of the main responsibility are verified pinpoint problems, persevere grasp the main responsibility for implementation. One to strengthen the responsibility to play. Each unit leaders to effectively enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness and consciousness as the core, adhere to the comprehensive strictly and conscientiously implement the main responsibility, both in command, but also set off. Two to pay close attention to ideological construction. Combining the "two a" study and education, the party’s ideological construction in the first place, to respect the constitution, abide by the rules and regulations for the basic requirements, to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech to arm the whole party as the fundamental task of education, to guide the party consciously according to the standard of party behavior, further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, enhance party spirit consciousness. Three to strengthen the style construction. To strictly implement the provisions of the central eight provinces and cities and relevant measures to establish and improve the rules and regulations. Four to focus on key links. To focus on the Department in charge of power, capital intensive, resource allocation and other prone to corruption prone positions, and actively carry out independent risk prevention and control work. Fifth, strict accountability. Adhere to the "double check case, in violation of the party’s political discipline and political discipline, organization and discipline," four winds "problems occur, the problem of discipline violations, both pursue the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities, but also seriously pursue leadership responsibility, through accountability, to further promote the implementation of the two responsibilities. At the same time, the requirements of honest government in 2015 by the inspection unit to do a good job patrol rectification. read more

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Xining elementary school spring blowing fresh air

March 1st, Xining primary school in the spring of the first day of school, to the children on the first lesson. Let the students know the fire, traffic knowledge and learn how to prevent accidents on the way, some schools are also around the new semester, a new start, a new starting point, new hope, organize students to write their own wishes for the new semester.More than eight

3 on the morning of 1 December, reporters in the West Street, Chengzhong District primary school to see, to create the atmosphere of school, the school of creative, let two students dressed in cartoon clothes, standing in front of the school for students and parents into the school. read more

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Take more effective measures to nip in the bud

January 6th afternoon, the city of Xining, the relevant departments of the various departments and the main person in charge, participated in the Xining branch of the national production safety teleconference and the province’s production safety teleconference. After the meeting, mayor Zhang Xiaorong will conscientiously implement the State Council and the province’s production safety teleconference spirit, make the city’s production safety work, especially the Spring Festival to do, "NPC and CPPCC" during the production safety work arrangements. read more

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The development and reform of the province held a forum

1 4, the province’s development and Reform Forum held in Xining. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, acting governor Wang Jianjun to open the meeting attaches great importance to. Before wangguosheng came to the provincial development and Reform Commission for research, development and reform work fully affirmed the achievements made in recent years, stressed that the development and reform the system of responsibility in the development of the province’s overall situation of reform, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit and general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, the more solid the Party Central Committee implement the decisions and arrangements, clear the scientific development ideas, fully understand the strategic position in the overall development of the country in Qinghai and the major responsibility of scientific understanding of Qinghai ecological status, characteristic resources, Tibetan policy advantage, clear planning, and promoting economic and social development, cultivate new growth points, to a good start. Wang Jianjun listened to the special report on the work of the provincial development and Reform Commission, and put forward specific requirements for the meeting arrangements for the deployment of 2017 development and reform work, hope the province’s development and reform the system in the new year, firmly grasp the overall tone while maintaining stability, strengthen coordination functions, promote the coordinated development of regional, urban and rural areas, industry and society. Select the main direction of the attack, increase funding for efforts to continue to expand effective investment, accelerate the construction of major projects. Deepen the reform of key areas and key links, accelerate the construction of a new pattern of all-round opening to the outside world. Pay close attention to the construction of ecological civilization, and strive to build a unique advantage of the industrial system, take the road of green development. Strengthen team building. read more

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Parking rest system does not implement heavy penalties

This year, Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday in the province for the first time the implementation of superposition of 7 following small car highway toll free policy, to ensure that the masses during the festival there is an orderly, safe and comfortable traffic environment, the day before the Provincial Transportation Bureau of the province’s road transportation safety work during the two to make arrangements, special requirements for the long-distance passenger car at 2 pm to 5 pm parking break system units and individuals are not in place will be severely punished. read more

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Police express Xining police to track the end of the month to break the temptation to steal

yesterday, the people’s Street police station in Xining to grasp the situation this month, cracked the case of theft of other people’s use of property with the charm, arrested a suspect and seized 950 yuan counterfeit money.

people’s Street police station deputy director Liu Feng introduction, the suspect Yao (female) will use the hue to deceive the victim to the back of the house, together with the opportunity to steal the victim’s belongings. Because of this type of cases, the victim rarely reported, forensics and detection difficult. The ability to crack the case and arrested the suspect, the police are closely tracking the results of half a month. read more

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Authentic Taiwan snacks on the election of the group

all know that Taiwan is China’s famous snacks, the delicacy is beyond count each one has, its own brand characteristics, for example to introduce the next group Xiaoxian is a very good flavor snack brand investment.

taste Xiaoxian, authentic Taiwan snacks, snacks market great investment value of the listed brands, welcomed by consumers, the recent growing fame, Xiaoxian stores group taste more and more. Then the group taste sprites jiamengfei? Can make money to open a group of flavor snack Xiaoxian? Only a million, you can easily open a group of flavor snack Xiaoxian desktop. read more

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ntroduction and research technique of Syringa germplasm resources in Qinghai Plateau

Recently, borne by the Beishan Forest Farm of Xining City Project "study on Introduction Experiment of technology" Lilac germplasm resources in Qinghai plateau by the provincial achievement certificate by the provincial science and Technology Department, the appraisal committee of experts, the results reached the domestic advanced level

recently, borne by the Beishan Forest Farm of Xining City Project "study on Introduction Experiment of technology" Lilac germplasm resources in Qinghai plateau by the provincial achievement certificate by the provincial science and Technology Department, the appraisal committee of experts, the results reached the domestic advanced level. The project after 4 years of experimental research, through the forest of professional and technical personnel of unremitting efforts, the cloves cultivated species phenology and growth characteristics of different cultivars cultivation management program were summarized, 14 cultivars collected 34383 strains, provide a scientific basis and reference for the application in the future our city clove mass production breeding and urban greening construction in clove varieties. read more

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People see two sessions have to say

is our elevator safe? Can a cylinder taxi ride? Disinfection tableware disinfection in the end?…… These people are closely related to the lives of some of the details, has become the evening news, people look at the two sessions column, people have to say. To this end, the reporter with the people’s confusion and doubt, the connection on behalf of members and the relevant departments for interpretation. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

What do

disinfection tableware disinfection

—- employees are not used to disinfect the bowl after the public confused cake is also the same as the delicious taste of the newspaper this week more than weeks of analysis of security regulatory gaps read more

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